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Notice of Joint Agreement

Another Minnesota county agrees to change how it handles absentee ballots. In the wake of a recent holding by the Minnesota Supreme Court, Lake County has become the latest to agree to change the way it composes Absentee Ballot Boards in general...

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Clarity on Role of Election Judges

Last week, the Minnesota Supreme Court clearly established what the Minnesota Voters Alliance and all those familiar with election law have known for years. Party balance is required as part of the process of accepting and rejecting ballots in general elections.…

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UMLC files Lawsuit against MNSOS

...on behalf of the Minnesota
Voters Alliance, the lawsuit challenges an administrative rule adopted by the Secretary of State that conflicts with the Minnesota statute requiring absentee ballot ballot board members to verify absentee ballots 

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MVA before the MN Supreme Court

Free and fair elections in Minnesota are at stake in this landmark lawsuit.  While this case involves just two counties, there are hundreds of cities, counties, and school districts across Minnesota ignoring the requirements in state election law  ... 

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Should ballot boards be party-balanced?

Our electoral process is supposed to be fair for everyone, regardless of party affiliation, and this case focuses on how the process has been grossly exploited in Minnesota by shutting out party-balanced election judges from absentee ballot boards. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon (DFL) filed an amicus brief in the case, and in it he refers to party-balanced election judges as “unnecessary partisans” and as people with “factional sympathies.”...

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MVA files appeal brief in case against Mpls for stacking absentee ballot board

MVA filed an appeal in what is sure to be a landmark case that could solidify 'party balance' requirements MVA is challenging the district court’s decision, in which Judge Thomas Gilligan, Jr. (appointed by Gov Dayton) wrongly...

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