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An Election Win — Without an Election

The Minnesota Supreme Court pulls back the absentee ballot reins. (Summer 2023 Thinking Minnesota Magazine)

"The Minnesota secretary of state argued that the questions, “Did the voter sign the certification on the envelope?” and “Is there signature on the envelope?” were the exact same. In other words, any signature, even one showing a different name than on the ballot, met the legislative requirement. The Minnesota Supreme Court ultimately disagreed, ending that interpretation.

The court ruled that the signature on a voter’s certification envelope must belong to the person for whom the ballot is intended — as MVA argued."

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School District Elections - Your vote matters!

Historically quiet, uneventful school board meetings have recently come under fierce scrutiny by parents and voters who have come to realize a small, but powerful, handful of individuals have been electing the leaders in charge of our children’s education for decades.

As a consequence of infinitesimally low voter turnout in off-election years, public schools have become centers for political indoctrination with fewer and fewer students graduating with the skills they need to thrive in the real world.

Low voter turnout is key to ensuring that continues. Public sector unions are happy knowing their influence over school board election outcomes is guaranteed if they can keep you out of the voting booth. As far as they’re concerned, the fewer voters, the better.

The Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) wants to make this year different! The MVA knows you care about what’s happening in our schools and to our children. So, we’re using our influence to drive more voters to the November 2023 school district elections. Why? Because more voters will dilute the controlling influence of an elite few and that’s good for Minnesota.

Here is what you can do right now to improve Minnesota public schools:

  1. Find out which school district you live in if you don’t already know.
  2. Check the chart below showing MN school districts having November elections.
  3. If your school district is listed, download an absentee ballot application, fill it out and return it to the address shown next to your school district in the chart below.
  4. When your ballot arrives in the mail: VOTE AND SEND IT IN!

That’s it. You won’t even have to leave your house!

For those who want to vote in-person, please call your school district for your polling place. School district websites are available here upon entering your address.

For information on candidates, we offer two sources below. One lists “Parent Endorsed” candidates and the other lists candidates endorsed by the Teacher’s Union:

MinnesotaParents.org (Parent Endorsed Candidates) - email: info@minnesotaparents.org

EducationMinnesota.org (Union backed candidates) – email: anna.brelje@edmn.org

Minnesota needs you, and the Minnesota Voters Alliance thanks you for doing your part to protect our public school system.

New MN law unconstitutional

MVA Defends the Constitution

On June 29th, Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) filed suit in Anoka County District Court against Anoka County elections officials and the Secretary of State for the purpose of stopping implementation of the recently passed “felon voting” bill. ...

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Supreme Court Decision

MVA Receives Victory

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled largely in favor of the Minnesota Voters Alliance’s (MVA) challenge to the Secretary of State’s absentee ballot processing rule, which the Secretary had interpreted as allowing virtually any signature to satisfy the statute’s signature match requirement for absentee ballots. ...

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DeGidio's Bar and Restaurant

Special Invite

Supreme Court & DeGidio's

Special invitation for all MVA supporters.  On February 2, 2023.  Join us to hear oral arguments in Supreme Court Signature Matching case and then DeGidio's Bar and Restaurant afterwards for a delicious Italian buffet lunch with special guest speakers...

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Supreme Court

Signature Matching

Rule 8210.2450 makes it impossible for election judges to comply with their legal duties and properly compare signatures between absentee ballot applications and the return envelopes. The Secretary’s rule writes the signature matching safeguard out of the law.…

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ADVISORY: Absentee Ballots

In our work to uphold election integrity in Minnesota, we have encountered situations in which counties and county ballot boards are either unaware of or are not abiding by their duties. One of these situations is the failure of counties to…

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Notice of Joint Agreement

Another Minnesota county agrees to change how it handles absentee ballots. In the wake of a recent holding by the Minnesota Supreme Court, Lake County has become the latest to agree to change the way it composes Absentee Ballot Boards in general...

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